Friday, 20 February 2009

Wiggle it just a little bit!!!

With the new XC racing season fast approach it is now the time to get all your kit and equipment ready! G purchased himself a sweet Rocky mountain XC bike from wiggle this week. Yahoo!! Seriously it really is that exciting! But what is even better is that the lovely people at Wiggle are offering a refer a friend scheme at the moment, where if you refer a friend (must be the first time they have used the site) and you are an existing customer, Wiggle will donate 10% of their first purchase in vouchers to you to spend on what ever you want! So G finally succumbed to my constant nagging about Wiggle and joined up. Sweeeeeet looks like I’m almost sorted with kit for the new season now too!

Check it out at

Yee ha

Les :)

In the words of Gary Forrest G is a monster!!

Saturday the 14th of February was the famous Carnethy 5 hill race! This one is not for the faint hearted taking in 5 peaks in the Pentlands! Of course that isn’t quite tough enough for the hill runners so this year they decided to throw some snow into the equation too! I wasn’t that upset about watching this one from the side lines especially after the long road bike I had put in on the morning. So Chris and I donned our cheer leading outfits . . . . . . . ok maybe they were more wellies and as many layers as possible and went to watch the G man race! (Its was cold!).

The conclusion from the race is that G is in fact a monster! Finishing an awesome 11th in the record breaking field of 499 finishers that dude was well chuffed! Yee ha looks like all the hard training is paying off!!

I guess we will need to watch this space to see if I am still on the side lines next year!


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Skids are for kids unless your having fun :)

With most of the UK covered in snow it is of no surprise that my training has been taking all types of unexpected twists and turn!!! Every morning there is a fresh blanket of snow covering my street and conditions on the hills are mad! This weekend brought on a rather unusual form of mountain biking . . . . . . on the road! The climb out was brutal not really made any easier by the horizontal snow slamming into you face!

On the route back G and I had loads of fun playing the longest skid competition which G won, or I let him so he wouldn't cry :) Check out the pics of us attempting to get some descending in!

However after a week of running and biking through knee deep snow on sunday I decided enough was enough and headed North to sample the skiing conditions! They were amazing, best snow I have ever experienced in Scotland. There had been another 2 foot drop of snow over night so it was as good as powder in the morning! Whats even better there was no wind (honest I am not telling fibs) and the sun was shinning (thank goodness for my trusty bloc eyewear)! Yee ha!

Hopefully the weather will improve soon as I am missing proper mountain biking so much (I need my fix)!