Friday, 31 October 2008

Polar come on board for 2009!

It is with great delight that I can announce Polar are joining the team for 2009. I am now fully equipped with an S725x so that I can meet all my training demands. This watch not only monitors heart rate but also provides altitude readings so I can get a full break down of both my ascending and descending during training!!! No more hiding G will be able to tell how many hills I have really been climbing! Furthermore I can also attach a wireless speed sensor so can gage speed and distance during training, lets see how pinned I really am on those descents.

So for this winter I’m going to be in the right training zone, I guess the question you have to ask yourself is will you be in the same position?

Check out the range of heart rate monitors at , there will be a heart rate monitor there to suit your needs thats for sure!

Get out there, get monitoring!


Bloc joins the team for the upcoming 2009 season.

I almost feel like I blinked a little too fast this year and missed summer all together! And now we are in autumn, the trees are changing and Jack Frost has made his first appearance . . . . . . . brrrrr! I had a nice break at the end of the season jetting of to Cyprus to chill and catch some rays. But those memories are now in the distant past and winter training has commenced. Week 1 was fairly brutal, my body went straight into shock forgetting so quickly how it feels to train, my poor old muscles were in pain and it was difficult to get out of bed in the mornings! (not the best way to start your day). It sure feels good to be tired from training again! Unfortunately the weather has not been kind torrential down pours all weekend led to some of the scariest riding I have done in a long time! I guess it’s good to be on the edge sometimes! With all the rain there is a hell of a lot of mud around that isn’t good for the old eyes . . . . and we all know how important our sight is! Bloc eyewear have come to the rescue and joined the team for the upcoming 2009 season. Each Bloc product offers 100% UV protection and is specifically designed to perform in extreme environments (check out the products at My most used product at the moment in the Stealth W93 electric blue from the interchangeable range, being able to change the lens means that I can used the glasses for riding in any type of weather. A big thanks to the team at Bloc!

So I am now in week 2 of training and it’s going well.

Yee ha