Monday, 26 January 2009

Another cold one at the Tress!

So it was the second winter duathlon at Glentress yesterday!! I tell you what this series has been named well (WINTER), frozen solid in the first round and snow in the second, my family were building snowmen and sledging at the transition (Some mums just never grow up, ha ha!) To be honest I was really looking forward to the race and had a slight glimmer in my eye at the thought of racing in the snow . . . . . it's not like I haven't had plenty of practice this winter after all! But unfortunately it was deemed to dangerous and the bike route was shortened for everyone's safety.

To mix things around the format of this race was changed with the run first followed by the bike . . . this was going to be fun! The run was great, a really nice 5k loop winding through the forest with enough slippy bits to make sure you were paying attention! There were more than a few fallers that's for sure! I managed to survive the run, make it through transition with all the kit I required and get on the bike in what I consider not too bad a time :) So it was the Fusions official return to racing after being out of action for a few years!!! The guys in the hub fixed it up for me a few months back and it was loving being back in racing action. I was shocked when I cycled past G after only 10 meters to find out he had a puncture when he got to his bike, total bummer after a strong run! I found it more difficult to settle in to the bike but think that was just due to the run being first and my body not really having a clue what was happening to it! I managed to start picking people off on the climb and a few crazy maneuvers in the snow on the descents gradually saw me starting to move up the field! I even managed to catch up with Jake and we played a game of cat and mouse for the rest of the ride . . in the end he beat me by 4 seconds grrr!!! Ha ha thanks for all the support out there Jake! The bike was just a little too short for me on the day and I finished in 2nd position overall behind Mhairi MacKenzie. I'm starting to get a nice wine collection on the go due to the prizes!

So another great day of racing. Thanks to everyone involved in its organisation I'm sure it was a bit stressful because of the snow.

Oh and a special shout out to the bike patrol guys for providing tea and coffee afterwards, helped me warm up a little . . . . just a little. And one more thanks to the nice guy who won a helly hansen baseball cap as a spot prize and gave it to my nephew, you made his day so he could show off to his brother.

Off for more training

Les :)

Monday, 5 January 2009

Festive fun but please no more turkey!

I was hit with the cold just before Christmas which put a stop to training for a while and left me lying around on the sofa watching trashy telly!! I was frustrated even more by the fact that I had just got a new road bike and also my old Fusion race bike had been rebuilt! Two clean bikes sat in the flat are not healthy for recuperation thats for sure!

So the festive holidays have come and gone in the blink of an eye just like usual! I spent some great time out on the trails having loads of fun, instead of trying to cram everything around a working week. I was back at home for christmas although my visit was a short one ths year, that most certainly didn't stop my mum trying to feed me up!

So 2008 has now gone and past and all the excitment of 2009 and a new race season lies ahead. I am already tres excited about it! The start of this year has been cold (was out running in the snow last night)but it has made some of the natural trails so perfect to ride on! I know G has a few training treats up his sleeve for me in the coming few weeks. Yee ha!

Mississippi (Gary Forrest) is still living the high life in NZ! Oh I am bitterly jealous!

Here's to a fast and furious 2009