Monday, 1 December 2008

A lucky new shirt and a reward from all that hard winter training!

There is more change for 2009 . . . . I am delighted to announce that I am going to be riding for the Hub next year ( Everything has been a little mad recently getting everything sorted for next year but it now feels like everything has fallen into place. Winter training is going really well! G has been beasting me that is for sure!! I know nobody will believe this but there have been a few occasions during training where I have been a grumpy little mare, G has been surprising me lots with new training exercises (they are not always pleasant!) but most of the time I eventually have to start laughing and that’s what has been getting me through! Cheers for the perseverance G!!

So Sunday just past (30th Nov) was the first of the Glentress winter duathlons. It was so so cold, everything was frozen! That’s never a good sign when so many things on your bike can freeze! The guys in the Hub fixed me up a sweet little Genesis hardtail to race on and it was brilliant. I really enjoyed the bike and would highly recommend that if you haven’t had a shot on one you should get down to the Hub and hire one out for the day! So back to the race . . . . the bike route involved a lot of hills and too few descents for my liking but I really enjoyed it! My lungs had a bit of a shock as they haven’t been use to working that hard for a while! Once I got settled in it was full steam ahead, there were a few dodgy corners out there due to the frozen ground and I was drifting a little too much on some of them but some leaves came to my rescue on the worst one! Yee ha! I got off the bike in 29th position overall, 1st female so I was pretty chuffed with that! Made it through transition, found my shoes (which has been a difficultly in the past) and was off into the run. The start of the run was really tough, it felt like I was running on stumps because I could no longer feel my feet, my stomach was also making noises that resembled a washing machine(oh oh). After a few minutes I managed to get past all that and settle into the run. The run was a toughy but I managed to hold on long enough to get my first win, yee ha! One to the mountain bikers!!

The G man was on fire coming off the bike in second place and finishing 3rd overall! He managed all that with a frozen beard too ha ha!

So it looks like all the winter training and that lucky new hub shirt have really paid off!

Looking forward to the next one already