Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Squirt save the day again!

December proved to be an exceptionally cold month in 2010 hitting the record books as the coldest December in over 100 years and the second coldest calender month on record according to the Met Office - brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Shock horror though it was actually Scotland's 5th driest December ever - most of the time that would put a big smile on my face but the truth was it was still raining, it just fell as snow instead - doh! After the first bit of excitement from the snow wore off . . . getting snowed in, boarding and skiing in Innerleithen and how can I forget the episode of extreme tarping (not for the faint hearted that one) I started to get bored being trapped indoors training. However Scotland's weather wasn't up for becoming predictable and in the same month we experienced more sunshine than normal, this along with an increase in temperature resulted in a speedy thaw . . . mega!

I made the most of the thaw and got out on the mountain and road bike as often as I could. It felt amazing being back outside on the bike you just cant beat it! The mountain bike trails were soaking so the bike was getting a bit of a bashing out there and I don't need to saw anything about the amount of salt on the roads and how it was trying to eat my road bike for breakfast. This was a dilemma and I needed a solution . . . . dun dun dun , then I received a little gift from Squirt. Squirt Devil bike cleaner and Squirt Devil degreaser - goodbye muck and salt hello clean sparkling bikes. Whats even better Squirt have done it again delivered a fab product that is non solvent based, non hazardous and 100% biodegradable. Since I already use Squirt long lasting dry lube on my chain I don't have to spend 3 hours trying to clean it with degreaser as it self cleans - result.

All of the above results in me getting indoors quicker after a ride and that helps aid my recovery. So instead of spending hours out cleaning your bike in the cold winter months, switch to Squirt and get inside and get the kettle on!
Not sure what I would do with out those guys.

Not familiar with the products check them out at

or simply visit The Hub in the Forest to buy some produce

Happy Winter riding

Stay warm