Monday, 3 August 2009

Team Ingram get Durty down at St Mary's Loch!

Really has it been a year??? It would appear so . . . . it was time for team Ingram to dust off the cobwebs and prepare for the DURTY triathlon 2009 yee ha! The team was made up of my sister Kerry - the swimmer, me - the biker and my sister-in-law Lisa the runner! It was truly a horrible day down in the Scottish Borders . . . . literately started raining from the minute we woke up, but I would be telling fibs if I didn't admit to having a slight grin on my face because the rain only signalled one thing in my eyes . . . a slippery sleek mountain biking course ha ha!

Team work . . . . . or Kerry doing all the hard work you decide!

So Kerry was off on the first leg and was skimming along the water like a dolphin . . . . . . well actually I couldn't really see her because there were so many people in the water but that's how she was swimming in my mind! It took her a mere 16:47mins to complete the swim, get the wetsuit off, swing it around her head and tag me! Yippee now for some fun! I was feeling pretty good out there knowing that I only had 2 main hills to climb, the first one was going well and I was reeling people in all the time so that was a great motivator, after the first descent I could only see another 2 riders in front - yikes. On the final steepest hill I caught one of the guys and the other was in throwing distance and putting up a pretty good fight. When I got to the top of the ascent I knew there was a tough boggy section before a fast loose descent, I put the work in along the bog section and caught the final guy at the start of the fast descent . . . . I was on my little full susser so I have a lot of fun getting down that descent! It was a bumpy ride back to the transition where I tagged Lisa for the run (not before she gave me stick about having to be the first runner out . . . no pleasing some people ha ha! See the photo above). Lisa whizzed the 5k 26:16 minutes - sweet! We won the team event and were 2nd overall in the sprint event! Check us out below in the roasting Scottish summer!!!

It was a great day out and such a nice way to spend sometime with the family! Thanks to everyone who came along for the day to cheer us on! Oh and nice one to my little nephew Adam who has recently learnt to ride his bike and was showing me his skills! Next generation of Ingram mountain bikers in the making already - get in!

Yee ha