Monday, 30 March 2009

A fast & furious start to 2009

Winter seems to have flown past at an unbelievable rate this year (can't say I'm too gutted about that!) and within the blink of an eye the snow has melted, spring is in the air and the new racing season has commenced- yaaaaa!!!!

The first round was at Kirroughtree, a new venue to the SXC circuit and a brilliant opener to the season. Kirroughtree is not known for hills so I didn't really know what to expect from the course. However it was a physically demanding course that encouraged you to get your bike in to the biggest ring you could push and try and grind it out for as long as possible! The roots started to polish off nicely as the laps progressed which kept you on your toes and oh that stinger climb was a fun one (you know the one I'm talking about!!). Although the climb may have left you starry eyed, it was impossible not to smile during the descent that followed! Job well done to the course designers at the break-pad it was a fun opener!

The race was also the first event that featured all the XC member of Glentress riders . . . . . . check out our cool new logo above! So to the race, man the first lap was tough, my legs were screaming at me the whole way round but somewhere during the second lap I managed to find a better rhythm that kept me going til the end if the race. I finished in third spot behind Lee Cragie (square wheels) and Adela Carter. I'm pretty chuffed with the result, winter has given me a good base and hopefully a few more races will help with speed. Looking forward to the next one already in some sadistic way:)

Lucy Grant put in a blinding performance, smoking me on the first lap to win the juveniles. Katy Winton was equally as impressive winning the youth category, with Hannah Ferguson pulling off an impressive 2nd spot! Lewis Kirwood finished 4th and Sam Waterston 14th in the youth males those guys were flying! Graeme short took a hefty tumble during an epic sprint to the line, which messed him, his bike and the other competitor up pretty badly. In the end up he had to run it in, still finishing in 7th spot . . . .good man Graeme! And last but by no means least Jake had to encounter a gruelling 5 laps, finishing 7th in the masters race - yahoo!

Thanks to Emma and Tracy for their cheering throughout the race, Kerry for feeding me and supporting as always. And everyone else who gave a shout out as I grunted my way through the course. Also job well done to the SXC organisers - great opener!

For anyone heading over to Kirroughtree in the near future the place to stay is conifers leisure park (, check them out! The lodges are awesome, completely biker friendly and just topped off a great weekend!

Not long til the next one, feet up and some easy pedalling this week I think.

Thanks as always to the G - man, everyone at the Hub, Squeezy, Luvians , Polar, Baillie Gifford and Tunnocks.
Yee ha


Monday, 16 March 2009

Some proper XC racing at Inners - ya hoo!

Innerleithen has featured heavily on the downhill race circuits for years now . . . it has taken a while but at long last the XC market is moving to the venue too! For those of you who have not ventured to Inners yet you are missing a trick! The courses are sweet, tough climbs, awesome downhill's and lots of natural stuff along the way! This weekend Inners played host to the Alistair Lees memorial time trial. The course consisted of a 20km loop not set out for the faint hearted, the climbs were brutal, mixed with some awesome descents. God it was like a proper hardcore XC mountain bike race . . . . it does make you ask the question should they not all be like that? Ok so that's a discussion for another day but the short answer to the question is YES!

I loved the race on so many levels because it was a true test of a whole variety of skills. The weather even behaved which was a pleasant surprise! I managed to finish in first position which was awesome, picking up queen of the descent along the way! G fitted me up with a GPS unit before the race and I managed to clock 40.6km/h down Cadonbank - sweet! (not bad on a hard tail eh). I was out on my new racing weapon an Orange Evo 8, which the guys at the Hub sorted out for me the week before - yipee! The bike was sweet it's tres exciting!

The G-man once again was unable to race but fingers crossed he will be back in action ASAP. Jake fellow Glentress rider put in an impressive time while lugging a lot of suspension around the course . . . . . . . . . . his hardtail will be in the huff! Graeme Short also put in an impressive time . . . . . life in those old vet dogs yet :)

And last but by no means least welcome home to Mississippi Forest . . . it was such a nice sight for me after I had finished the race to be presented with a nice white bum and shaved legs! Some people will do anything to go faster ha ha! It's good to have you back Pumpy Pie the chat just hasn't been the same without ya!

Cheers to the organisers and marshals


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

DOMS they really are not nice!

Day two after the race and things are just getting tougher and tougher. I swear if I stop moving for too long I am going to get stuck in that position! Anyone want a game of musical statues? I would so win at the moment! Oh the joy of DOM's!! Stairs have now become my nemesis - you should see how many I have to tackle at work its not funny (and thats just to get a cup of tea!).

Reports in from Jake yesterday were that he had turned into John Wayne . . . . god help him today!

Oh they joys of racing on the hills.

Going to try and spin the legs out later on the rollers to help remove some of the rubbish!

Here's to tomorrow and hopefully a less painful body.


Monday, 2 March 2009

Fun and Frolics at Glentress

It may have been muddy and slippy under foot but the sun started to shine on Sunday (1st March) at Glentress. It was the last in the series of the Glentress duathlons and Pete and Elspeth made sure they put together a gruelling course! The bike course was tough, enough steep little climbs to keep the legs screaming and a few muddy descents to keep you on your toes and make you smile!!!! I was slightly concerned the whole way round the bike route as I had a little too much play in my headset! Thankfully it held together, but I'm not sure that I would like to ride with it like that again!

With the bike over it was time for the run and again it was a tough one, steep climbs with lots of boggy sections! I was pleased to get round the run unscaved and boy was I glad to get over that finish line! So I finished in first and with it took the series - yee ha!

Jake was on fire on the bike but think the run was a little harder for him! But lets be honest anyone who enjoyed that run is just not right in the head :) Yee ha to the Glentress riders! Unfortunately the G man had to sit this one out, hopefully he will have a speedy recover though I'm missing my training buddy!

Ta to everyone who turned up to support on the day your cheers were much required! Also a big shout out to everyone involved in organising the series it was a cracker!

Not long til the start of the XC season now - yee ha!